8 useful android apps that u must try

A lot of us are staying at home and working from home and this lock-down season, I’ve been trying out a lot of new apps, new games, so I thought why not share some of the interesting new apps with you guys. Let’s talk about eight cool new android apps that you guys are going to love and you should definitely try it out.

I’m sure you've tried a number of apps that show you your notification history but “filter box” is a notification manager app that takes that to the next level. First of all yes! It does bring a notification history page which unlike a lot of other apps looks great. It shows you the current active notifications and the notifications you have dismissed in this really cool looking timeline. You can search for specific notifications or you can tap a notification to see the full text and open the app or even restore the notification in the notification shape. That’s not it, you can even create rules to mute certain notifications or postpone them or even dismiss them directly without even using it. There’s also an analytics page in the app that shows you the total number of notifications of the day, the apps that have gotten you the most notifications and more.

Filter box has a lot of other features too like biometric lock support, option to add an undo button when you dismiss a notification and more. Filter boxes notification log is free but its rules and analytics feature are available through an in-app purchase of 340 rupees but yeah try it out

Next up is Dolby's new app “Dolby On” and it's a pretty cool recording app. Dolby on is a great recording app if you want to record songs voiceovers, music or basically anything else that you have in mind. Now I know this looks like your usual voice recorder app with a nice looking UI but there's more when you start recording. The app takes three seconds to get an idea of the noise around you and then when you stop recording it applies noise reduction and things like dynamic eq, volume maximization, stereo widening, easy fades and a lot of handy effects. I recorded an audio and I found it to have very low noise and the voice was loud and clear. Plus you have all these audio tools where you can turn on or off noise reduction, add more bass, treble, boost the audio or trim recordings. The app even lets you record videos so, that is great if you want to create videos with very clear audio.


Another app that I really like and I’m sure you guys are going to love it is “truepick’s”, this is just an amazing app for all those android customization lovers.  First of all the app looks pretty nice and as you can see the app has three sections the wallpapers where you find some really cool wallpapers, true-setups, where you can see different cool looking setups and third resources and mock-ups. Now the wallpapers are great but what's really exciting is true setups, where you'll find some really cool looking home screen setups and you can set that up on your phone.You can see everything you need for the setup is listed right on the screen and you just tap on each one of them to go to their play store pages and install them. Once done you can just go ahead and set things up on your phone how awesome is that. Try it out!

I know these days we have phones with base 64 GB storage and yeah 64gb storage is a good amount of storage but with 4k videos and big sized games even that isn't enough at times and that's where “BigFile Cleaner” app comes into play. Well it's a simple app you just open it up and it automatically shows you the biggest files on your phone and you can just select the files you don't want and delete them instantly yeah that's handy. Anyway you can also see the files that are taking up the more storage to the tab and you can see the files by their extension. Yeah like I said it's a very simple app but if you want to clear some big unnecessary files on your phone that you might have forgotten about you should install bigfile Cleaner app.


Okay let's face it tasks and to-do apps can be a little overwhelming at times because of their fancy features, the premium pricing, but “pinnit” it's truly simple and very effective. Pinnit is an app that keeps your to-do's  and tasks in the notification shape. The app is pretty easy to use, just use this create button, add the title and description of your tasks or even your notes like say pay electricity bill today and save and it pins as your notification shape. This way you are reminded of your to-do every single time you open the notification shade which is something we do a lot, plus this notification is persistent so you cannot just swipe away and it clearly hides the dismiss button in the drop down so you don't dismiss a task quickly. Yeah it's a pretty simple app but the developers plan to add a lot of new features so try it out.


Audio mods generally require root access but this next app on the list well it does not. I’m talking about “wavelet” which is an auto eq app that's perfect if you want to customize the audio performance of your headphones. Here’s how it works you just connect your earphones and play some music after which the app shows you a set of optimizations. Now the highlight here is obviously the auto eq feature which use headphones to sound neutral so that you get a true audio experience well I have the Realme Buds wireless, so I can just search for it and i can enable auto eq. There's also a graphic equalizer option with different pieces like bass, boost, stable boost, loudness, vocal boost etc. there are also options like bass boost reverberation, virtualizer, bass tuner and limiter and channel balance. Well I tried the auto eq optimizations on the Realme Buds wireless and Galaxy buds and I did find an impact so try it out. Yeah most of the features in wavelet are free including the auto eq feature but the different effects here are available for an in-app purchase of rs. 420.


Now next up this app isn't for android smartphones, it's for android tv’s. I’m talking about “TV usage”, which is a digital well-being app for android TV. So as you can see the app shows you the duration of time you've spent on different apps on your tv. Yeah I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix, so it's obviously there on the top now I can also check out the details and set screen time and usage are for an app. If you want to limit the usage that's when all the app even lets you put a lock to specific apps to pin. This is a great all-around app if you have maybe kids at home and you want to resist the usage. Now the app shows you the usage details for free but to limit screen time and put app lock you'll have to make an in-app purchase of 300 rupees


There are a lot of great feature packed email clients out there but “Two Bird” is a new email client that you must check out. This is the “two bird” email client and what makes it unique is the fact that it looks great with its uncluttered UI and it makes emails cleaner by clearing out things like repeated signatures or complex formatting text. It also has this tidy up feature that lets you unsubscribe with ease. Now along with this trooper also brings you handy tools like notes built in reminders and features like the ability to schedule emails plus I like how the email app is more like a communication app with threaded comments, reactions and more. “Two bird” is free and it's not only available in android. It’s a cross platform email app so check it out.

Okay there's one more thing I want to talk about it's kind of a bonus so yeah coronavirus pandemic has changed things and social distancing is the new norm and that's where “Google’s sodar AR tool “comes into play. Google sodar is a web tool and you need a device that supports AR core okay so just make sure to update google play services for AR on the play store. Then go to “sodar.dot with google.com” and hit launch which will open up the camera and show you why AR the two meter distance you need to keep. Yep this is great for when you're out and about, so make sure to add this web tool to your bookmarks

But those were some cool new android apps that you must try and yeah my favourite is filter box and big file cleaner. But what about you tell us in the comment section below your favourite android app from the list.


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