Samsung note 20 ultra | initial impressions

All right let's talk about the Samsung note 20 ultra, this is their premium flagship super phone right now, it's packed to the gills with features it's got that 120 hertz screen that new upgraded “s pen” and it's got this 50x zoom. Now the image quality isn't fantastic right but this is the kind of stuff you need to do when you want to get this far away and this wide from your smartphone it's pretty nuts.

I’ve been using the note 20 ultra for about five days now and there's some kind of early thoughts I have about this phone I want to share with you guys. This is the nicest looking phone that Samsung has made in my opinion there's something about the finish on this thing normally Samsung does like the super glossy finish, but now they have this really nice matte texture that I think is better than anyone else's matte texture. This is a really nice look and also it's such a simple design element but this simple ring around each lens makes such a big difference in how it looks. This is a very similar shape and size of camera hump to the s20 ultra but this looks so much better in my opinion, those rings are on point.

Now here's the downside to this phone, it is a huge camera hump you got to case this phone like the bump is what feels like three and a half maybe four millimetres, it is a big bump and if you don't case it I feel like this hump is gonna catch on a lot of things. When I put this thing in and out of my pocket I can notice that hump. It’s just that pronounced which is a shame right because the moment you case this thing it masks this back glass, the thing that makes it look so good but that's the nature of a beautiful phone with a massive camera hump.

Now the initial impressions on the camera of this thing is that, it's a really solid camera this year. it's got that 50x zoom, which I don't think that most people are gonna be using this thing on a regular basis like that kind of zoom is tough to actually make proper use of but it's got that capability if you need it. It’s also interesting that they got rid of the 100x zoom like the one from the s10 ultra. I would have thought they would have carried that tech over to this thing but 50x is already really good and I think the image quality on this is what they're focusing on this time around.

Now the screen, this is a display that is best in class this thing got 120 hertz, 1440p screen. It’s very fast, its fluid, its super bright great colours this is a flagship screen. It does however still have curved edges, I mean Samsung likes to do that on their premium flagships they curve the edges of the glass which I personally don't love. The regular note 20 like the non-ultra version has a flat glass but that's a whole other conversation uh but yeah if you're into curved screens you're gonna like this one.

The performance on the phone is excellent like you'd imagine right it feels very fast and games run nicely on it. The note 20 launch event also showcased the upcoming “Xbox cloud gaming service”, I’m very excited for that thing but the note doesn't get first dibs on that platform or anything they're just a launch partner.

All right the pen has also been upgraded this year to have a more responsive interface so it's now running with nine milliseconds of latency. It's a very responsive screen and pen interface but here's the thing when it comes to pens and phones I don't feel like latency is a huge deal like when it comes to creative work like tablets and people are drawing on that stuff, absolutely the lower the latency the better, I want one millisecond, I want zero milliseconds but when it comes to this stuff people are just using the pen on their phones for jotting down notes and I don't feel like it's a big deal. I’m not saying that it's not good that they put it in but if you're interested in the note 20 like the cheaper version of this note 20 series that has a latency time of 26 milliseconds, which is a lot slower than the 9 milliseconds on the note 20 ultra but I don't think that should be like the main reason why you should purchase one or the other because it is just for note-taking for most people just keep that in mind.

I want to talk about pricing and I feel like the conversation around the note 20’s at like both the ultra and the regular one revolve strongly around the pricing and here’s the thing if this thing was a 500$ phone so many people would buy this phone right because it's just packed with so much good stuff but because it's not it's a 1300$ phone we have to have the conversation of price.

Now this is a phone that has always been one of Samsung’s most expensive phones because there's not many other companies that make something quite like this if you want like a high quality big phone with a pen that slots right inside it usually people go for the note. This year at 1300$ I feel like it's an appropriately priced product like it's not crazily overpriced right considering the pricing of the entire smartphone market.

But there is a brother to this like the 1000$ regular note 20 that's been somewhat controversial because it's so feature stripped and it has a plastic back and it still costs a thousand dollars but here's my take on it to me that phone feels it feels overpriced but here's the thing when it comes to Samsung’s phones they price their stuff a little bit differently right. Their stuff goes on sale so often and so aggressively and I feel like they bake that kind of sale pricing into their retail pricing on these phones. These phones come out at these very high prices like 1300$ or 1000$, they're expensive but Samsung stuff goes on sale. And if you don't have these high initial retail price right at the beginning you don't have that wiggle room down the line when it comes to like holiday sales and whatever carrier sales that companies do.

I feel like Samsung bakes that into their phone so if you really want the stuff early on and you want to be an early adopter to this tech you got to pay up right but I think for most people if you let this stuff wait let it simmer for a month or two it comes down in price pretty quickly. So yes that 1000$ Samsung note 20 is weirdly overpriced but I think it'll come down quite quickly over the course of this year.

My early impressions of this phone are really good, I think that this is the nicest looking phone that Samsung has put out till date. Look at this thing, it doesn't even look like a real phone it looks like a render floating around my hand it's so nice but that wraps up my first impressions of this thing. I’ll be doing a more extensive review in the near future so you have any particular questions just ask them below in the comments and I’ll do my best to get to them.


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